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New Appointment
Pathfinder has appointed Dr Jide Abimbola as director for Africa and the Caribbean. Dr Abimbola, a fellow of Chartered Association of Certified Accountant, and an accomplished individual with high sense of direction is an energetic economic prime mover with experience of wide ranges of issues in international business and world economics. As a trade and financial advisor, and past president of a frontline Chamber of Commerce in Africa, Dr Abimbola led a dynamic group of trade promoters at local, national and international levels.

In Dr Abimbola's 2007 PhD poster winner award of the University of Liverpool he made impeccable arguments for 'Headlight' as the role of Legitimate Commerce in the world economics of the Nineteenth Century. This won him a major role as economic analyst for Pathfinder Consult, a position he held with precision until he was appointed in August 2011 as Director for Africa and the Caribbean marketing centres. Dr Abimbola will visit African depots in the first quarter of 2012. He has his eyes on West Africa.
Dr Jide Abimbola
Director, Africa & Caribbean

A Trade citation from Dr Abimbola's PhD Thesis:
We at Pathfinder understand the issues involved, and we are therefore best suited for 21st Century Trans-Atlantic 'Legitimate Trade' with Africa and the Caribbean
This thesis benefits from resources in the CMS archives that show how trade between England and Yorubaland had always been mutually beneficial, as reflected in the case of cotton mercantile trade group of Manchester Chamber of Commerce and cotton trade in nineteenth century Yorubaland. Apart from the relationship promoting social harmony, it also led to favourable balance of trade for Yorubaland. These and similar information contained in CMS/CA2/045/28 of 14 Jan 1863; as well as Manchester Chamber of Commerce Proceedings of 25 March 1891; in CO/147/83, Manchester Chamber of Commerce to Colonial Office, 31 March 1891; and FO/84/1732, London Chamber of Commerce to Foreign Office, 21 February 1885. These archival resources give extensive understanding of how Lagos Government prohibited trade between Lagos and Abeokuta; and how Manchester cotton merchants waved in to pave the way for renewed cotton trade in Yorubaland.